Best Fundraising Ideas

Naomi Sarah Jan 27, 2019
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The best fundraising ideas are those which can pull in a good helping of donations that will fuel your cause's funding and help it to achieve its goal.
Fundraising is the act of putting together an event by those who wish to be of service, be it a company, a select few people, a church, a society or those from a town or city pushing for a good cause.
In order to increase a charity's or foundation's much-needed donations, people step in to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate or to those who lack basic amenities / shelter, are sick / disabled, or orphaned / abandoned at a very young age.
Charities are set up by those who want to dedicate either their whole lives, or a little of their time to help others, where they can, through these non-profit organizations. These organizations receive grants from the government or through people who donate money to them, to help these foundations get by with what they require.
The best fundraising ideas stem from the willingness to make a difference and raise as much money as possible to help those in dire need.
There are so many foundations and charities that have been set up and developed by people who want to make a difference and help out in any way they can. Even volunteers who are not money minded but service minded so to speak, are welcomed to be of help in any little or big way.

Easy Fundraising Ideas

If you're looking to set up a fundraising event that is a sure shot way of bringing in funds for the cause you are rooting for, then you can always help yourself to these ideas on how to raise money for the same.

Miscellaneous Sale

Start an event that has all kinds of giveaways people may put up. These can be electronics, books and clothes to canned food, school stationery and even toys. The organization wouldn't need to spend on these things for the kids, older children, or grownups since you are providing for them good conditioned, reliable and useful materials for everyday use.
You can always hand out pamphlets, or put up notices and of course spread the word among colleagues or friends.

Bake Off

Have a mini bake sale where those who are good at putting pastries and desserts together, can bring forth their kitchen skills and put it to good use when selling these at say a fair, or carnival.
People can be notified about the event through advertisements in the newspaper where everyone can chip in to have it in print, or distribute notices instead. If you feel big-hearted and generous, you can put up a billboard about the big event, fishing in more people.


For those who are good behind a camera, can go over to the organization and have a detailed and very influential documentary done on how conditions are and how people would be putting their money up for something worth it. Make it as professional as possible using a hi-def camera, and do a lot of research before executing this idea.
Spread the word about this documentary and have it aired in a mini screening hall, where people can come in and pay a small nominal fee upon arrival, where they then can choose to donate money or not after the documentary is over. The best target audience you can find are among those who are well off and have that urge to always be of service to a charity.
Go to churches, schools and universities, making announcements of this documentary that individual people can air in their own surroundings, where they can then hand over the money to those in charge of the documentary screening, or foundation.

Day Trip

Those organizing a charity affair should go to companies, schools, universities or churches where the ones in charge of the charity fundraiser, can put forward a day trip plan of visiting the charity organization (for a small travel fee).
This will help visitors interact and understand what charities are all about, and why they seek assistance. After the trip, visitors can make as much a donation as they possibly can, to help the charity that they are now familiar with.

Carnival Event

You can put together a fair with games, food stalls and talent shows where all the proceeds can go to the charity once the carnival is through.
It's a great way to attract a horde of people to witness an interesting mesh of different activities, which you'll need to promote pre event. Advertisements are always a great way of reaching out to people, being an ideal method of exposure.
The best charity fundraising ideas are those that are well thought out and planned down to a tee, since everything counts when it comes to the how-to part of the event. These fundraising suggestions will help you understand how things work in the charity business, where people are ready to go that extra mile to see someone else happy and benefited.
You can always look for more ways where you can be of service to those who need it most. Just make sure you have all you need, including finances in place if necessary, to ultimately bring in additional profits for the cause.