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15 Charming Basket Ideas to Use for a Chinese Auction

Basket Ideas for a Chinese Auction
Are you planning a Chinese auction soon and need some inexpensive basket ideas for the same? Buzzle lists out some of the best ideas that you can look into and implement.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Did You Know?
A Chinese auction is usually referred to as pick-a-prize, tricky tray or penny social to avoid causing offense.
Oh, the rush of winning something and claiming it as your own. Is there anything else that surpasses this feeling? Not really, not really. A Chinese auction works on this basic principle―upping your chances of winning something ten-fold, a chance rarely offered by any other form of auction or raffle. Interestingly, a Chinese auction is nothing like an auction ... if anything, it is more like a raffle. Unlike auctions, where people openly bid for several items and the items are claimed by the highest bidder, or a raffle where a ticket is bought and the grand prize goes to one person, a Chinese auction allows you the chance to win several items by simply placing as many tickets as you want (!!) in the items that you're interested in.

So the way it works is, you buy several tickets (which are essentially quite cheap) and you place any number of tickets in the hat that has been placed next to the item; at the end of the eve, a ticket is drawn from the hat and that person wins the item. Not only can you place several tickets in every hat, but you can do this for all the items that are offered at the auction.

Chinese auctions are becoming very popular these days because they are an excellent way to raise money at fundraisers and other charity events. So much so that there are several Internet sites that offer this option as well. While anything can be put up for an auction, baskets are some of the simplest and easiest choices to make. In this Buzzle article, we will give you varied ideas and options of the kind of inexpensive baskets that you can make for a Chinese auction.
Unique Chinese Raffle Basket Ideas
1. Rainy Day Basket

Comes With

Coloring Materials
Tea packets
Movie DVDs
Cozy blanket

2. Tea/Coffee Lovers Basket

Comes With

Assorted tea and coffee flavors
Packet of crackers

3. Disney Basket

Comes With

Story books
Disney figurines
Movie DVDs
Gift card for movie store
Disney characters bag

4. Cat Lovers Basket

Comes With

Cat grooming products
Cat food
Cat toys
Cat collar
Pet frame

5. Music Lovers Basket

Comes With

Gift card for music store
Music CDs
Music-themed bag
Music player

6. Candle Basket

Comes With

Assorted scented candles
Candle stands
Incense sticks
Incense stick stands
Floating candles

7. Gardening Basket

Comes With

Garden equipment
Different types of seeds
Flower pots
Garden gnome

8. Chocolate Lovers Basket

Comes With

Assorted chocolates
Chocolate recipe book
Chocolate perfume
Hot cocoa packs
Chocolate muffins and truffles

9. Beach Basket

Comes With

Sunscreen lotion
Underwater camera
Shovel and sand pails

10. The Fashion Crazy Basket

Comes With

Nail polish shades

11. Yoga Basket

Comes With

Yoga mat
Yoga DVD
Yoga book
Yoga wear
Relaxing CD

12. Word Lovers Basket

Comes With

Scrabble game
Crossword puzzles
Gift card for book store
Book light

13. Weekend Getaway Basket

Comes With

Trip to bed and breakfast
Wine bottle and glasses
His and Her robes
Soft slippers

14. Movie Night Basket

Comes With

Popular Movies
Popcorn mix
Popcorn bowl
Bottled soda
Gift card to a movie rental store

15. Spa Basket

Comes With

Assorted essential oils
Aromatherapy candles
Lotions and creams
Natural soaps
Bath salts
The baskets that are put up for the auction are usually donated by people and businesses, especially if it's a fundraiser or a charity event organized for a cause. With a list of the different kinds of baskets that you can include, organizing for them should not be a problem. So you go on right ahead and arrange for these baskets... and come up with some of your own, now that you have an idea of how to go about it.