How to Ask for a Donation

Learn How to Ask for a Donation in 6 Easy Steps

Donations need to be asked in the right way, to get the response you need. Living in a competitive world like ours, every detail needs to be kept in mind while requesting for a donation.
WealthHow Staff
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Asking for donations is mostly done for a noble cause. Hence, it needs to be done the right way and the person from whom you are seeking it, needs to be aware of your purpose.

Steps to Collect Legitimate Donations

Step 1
You need to be registered as a non-profit entity. As such, people making the donations will get a tax deduction for the contribution they make. In order for this deduction to happen, you need to be a registered non-profit entity. More so, it will make it much easier for people to trust your motives, if you are a registered organization.

Step 2
Create a mission statement. This mission statement needs to be clear, concise, and strong. A person should be impressed upon reading it. When requesting for a donation from businesses, this mission statement plays a very vital role. Add it in the donation request letter. For additional help, you can check out donation sample letters on the Internet.

Step 3
Send out mailers about your organization and its intentions. You need to let everyone know the reason why you are asking for funds. If it is an event, let the people know its purpose and how they can help achieve it. If you are building a nursing home, let people know about it. Complete information is the only way in which you will have everybody's faith. It is only when you have their faith, will they be willing to contribute.

Step 4
Keep a small awareness creating event. Call all interested parties for it wherein you make a presentation about your project. Let them know the required budget. Tell them your goal, the targets, and the required man-power. Make arrangements such as desk or a corner at the event so that people can make donations right away. You can also ask for a contribution over the phone and invite interested parties to the event.

Step 5
Via SMS or email or mailers, keep the people informed about the progress in the project. Many people prefer to contribute only after they see the project starting off and see it being carried through. So, with the help of a local newspaper or mailers, keep the people informed. Keep them involved by keeping the doors to suggestions and inputs open at all times.

Step 6
Once a person has made a donation, send him a thank you letter. Keep him in the loop and it will help keep his faith in the organization alive. More so, if donors have contributed financially, they need to be informed about the use of their contribution.
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