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6 Ways to Make Money with a Blog or Website

Shimul Kabir Nov 27, 2019
The first thing you should know is that you don't have to dedicate yourself full time to the blog to make money with it. But it is clear that the more time and effort you dedicate to your project, the more you can make money. There are many ways, but at large ranges, they can be classified into 6 sources of income on a website or blog. Let's see those ways.

1. Sale of Products

The classic sale of a lifetime but through an online portal, either a pure and hard blog or an online store with a blog. Some products are:
  1. Books: Many decide to write and sell their books through their blogs.
  2. Handmade products:  You can use the blog to sell handmade things.
  3. Manufactured products: You can consider selling manufactured products.

2. Digital Products or Info Products

Selling digital products has many advantages, but without a doubt, the most important is that you have no shipping or production costs. There are many digital things you can sell with a blog. Let's see some of them
  • Photographs and images
  • eBooks
  • Internet courses
  • Sell software, apps, templates or plugins
  • Sale of blogs and websites

3. Services

You can give different services through your blog. Right now, you have to consider yourself as a freelance. Utilize your expertise and ponder about what services you can propose. Here are some examples:
  • Content Editor
  • Translator
  • Online tutor
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Video or image editor
  • Web analyst
  • SEO

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the strongest in the blogging world. And it is widely used both in professional and personal blogs and in any blog focused on affiliation. There are many platforms for affiliate marketing. The most commonly used platforms are:
  • Amazon
  • Awin (former Zanox)
  • Etsy
  • Booking
  • eBay
  • ClickBank

5. Advertising

Making money on a blog with advertising is a complex world than the typical AdSense advertising. You need to make 3 types of distinction because not all blogs make money with ads.
  1. Put ads on your website
  2. Sponsored posts or reviews
  3. Sponsors

6. Donations

Asking a donation by PayPal to your readers is something not widespread. And it's one of the easiest ways to receive money. If you write quality content, surely there'll be readers who would support your blog by sending you a small donation. It's one of the easiest ways to start, you have to use the code provided by PayPal for this.