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4 Ways to Make Money Through Real Estate

Kevin Gardner Nov 12, 2019
The allure of investing in real estate calls too many people. No matter where you are on the journey to learning about using real estate to increase your income, these four tried and true methods may give you some direction.

Renting Out Residential Properties

Purchasing a home to serve as a rental unit can be a good way to earn a consistent and relatively passive income. You will want to make sure you have either enough money saved or extra income to cover any costs of ownership during times this house is not rented or to pay for damages from negligent tenants.

Creating Vacation Experiences

There are a few ways you can get into vacation rentals. Perhaps the easiest is to open up part of your home as a short term rental using a site like Airbnb. Try offering tours or experiences to your guests so they can live like a local. Another option is to purchase a home in a vacation destination that you will use for rental purposes.

Renovating and Flipping Homes

When people think about real estate investing, this is often the first thing that comes to mind.
That may be because of the television shows dedicated to home renovation and property flipping, or it just may be that people see a genuine opportunity to earn money pretty quickly. Which it can be, especially if you approach it correctly and the market is right.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial properties offer the opportunity to develop real wealth. Businesses will always need space for offices, production, and storage. Existing commercial buildings can be a great way to get started with this type of investing, especially if you can locate your own office there in the process.